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A.T.B. All Terrain Bicycle
Aerobic An intensity of exercising that allows the body's need for oxygen to be continually met so that the workout can continue for long periods.
Amped Psyched; wired; stoked; or even go ballistic.
Anaerobic An intensity of exercising that does not allow the body's need for oxygen to be continually met. Sprints are an example.
Anno Annodized parts.
Apex The sharpest point in the turn. The transition point from entering to exiting the turn.
Attack Position A well balanced off the saddle riding posture used to ride over rough terrain and accomplish difficult maneuvers.
Auger Wreck. Crater. Stack. Do a digger.
Aunt Bee Slowest Rider in a group.
B.S.G. Bike Store Guy
Baby Heads Small boulders about the size of a babies head.
Bacon Road rash. Scabby; trail jerky.
Bagger A loser who habitually bags out.
bail Jumping off the bike as a last resort to avoid an accident.
Balaclava A thin hood that also covers the neck worn under the helmet.
Bead In a tire, the edge along each inner circumference that fits into the rim.

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